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Our Story

Bowline Ventures was created out of a passion for bringing together people and communities. Founded by Real Estate Entrepreneur, Dorothea Donelan-Avery, who specializes in finding and reimagining unique properties with design, convenience, and luxury at the forefront. 


Bowline Ventures offers many short and long term residential units - as well as community inspired ventures such as the Bowline Creative Kitchen in Westport, CT. Each property is a community unto itself, and a benefit to the surrounding community.

Get to know our founder

Learning about love, perseverance and love of life from my Mom who raised me as a single parent; learning true grit from 14 years of trading on Wall Street; learning patience and joy as a Mother of 2 amazing children; to now, with all of these lessons culminating to my next stage in life: my entrepreneurial one where I enjoy building and inspiring.

I have always believed in the power of community. I was an only child but never felt like one because of the strong values of community my mother instilled in me from a very young age. She expanded that sense of community when she founded an international nursery school in Bethesda, MD. - attended by children from all around the world. The power of learning about people and their cultures stayed with me and gave me the. 

I believe a home should be more than a place to live - it should be an experience, a unique one - where residents from all different backgrounds can have a sense of pride about where they live. Together those residents take part in creating and enjoying the benefits of a community. Our buildings are a place where neighbors are neighborly - with common spaces to network, and share ideas in an environment that is design forward. 

The world is uniting and the more we share our energies, the greater it is to know one another and collaborate.

Fast forward from childhood in Bethesda, MD., to attending Georgetown University, working on Wall Street  - I found my passion - it’s different than I thought it would be but, thanks to my mom, it was there all along. 

Developing beautiful residential buildings a community people call home! 

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